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Onetrack Paper

Ten Stylish Running Kit Picks to Buy Now

Up your style game with the new wave of brands leading the charge; featuring favourites on the Onetrack wishlist from Ciele, Satisfy, District Vision and Soar.


Co-founded by Jeremy Bresnen and Mike Giles out of Montreal, Ciele Athletics is a technical apparel brand that started with colourful caps and is now expanding -- at their own pace.

District Vision

Based in Los Angeles, Co-founders Max Vallot and Tom Daly met at business school in London and cut their teeth at Saint Laurent and Acne. District Vision fuses running and mindfulness, with high doses of cool.


Designed in Paris and referred to as "anti-performance" by Hypebeast, this lifestyle brand embraces the culture of running and with backing from a former LVMH chief, we can expect even bigger things from this luxury label.


Founded in Hackney, London by designer and runner Tim Soar in 2015, Soar creates running apparel that fuses textile innovation, pioneering design technology, sports science and the real-world experiences of runners.

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