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  • What's a live audio workout?
    In live audio sessions you'll be guided through your speed work. In short, coach will tell you what effort to put in and for how long.
  • What's a live video workout?
    Live video workouts cover your STRENGTH, DRILLS & MOBILITY to make you a better, more efficient runner.
  • I'm new to running, how should I start?"
    You can still join our audio classes but we would advise you start with an EASY session and try to walk/jog this. It is very important you don't push yourself too far too quickly as this may increase the risk of injury. Start slow, and aim to build your time on feet by increasing by 10% each week (although some weeks you will need to pull back too). If you're unsure, drop us an email:
  • What is RPE?
    Sessions are labelled according to RPE (rate of perceived exertion), which relates to a number out of 10, with 10 being maximum effort. As a rule, the sessions on the Onetrack Club schedule are the following RPE: Easy Runs: RPE 2-3 Threshold Runs: RPE 5-6 Fartlek Runs: RPE 7-8 Interval Runs: RPE 9-10
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