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Soaked but Unstoppable: Highlights from Onetrack1000

Updated: May 10

On a rainy Bank Holiday Monday, despite the ominous weather, our community gathered for a special track event. Our mission: to run 1000 miles collectively, all in support of Mind, a mental health charity, and in memory of Ed Dean. As the rain poured down, soaking the track and drenching every runner to the bone, something beautiful unfolded. In the face of challenging weather conditions, you came together, worked as a team and pushed through each mile, each lap, and each raindrop.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you Ed's parents, Kay and Stuart, for being with us on the day and for playing a huge role in bringing people together. A huge thank you to our partners, ASICS, Vitamin Well, and Lucky Saint. Your support helped make this event possible. And above all, to Coach Heidi, our team of volunteers, and all of you who showed up and chose to stand for change, for yourself, each other, and the planet. Our hearts are so full and we salute you.

Please feel free to download and share these images, making sure to tag Onetrack Club (@onetrack_club) and Jake Kenny, our photographer (@jakewkenny).

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