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What To Eat After A Run or High Intensity Track Session

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Is there anything you should eat or drink just before that will boost performance?

This is a great chance to jump into supplements. There are 2 which I would  throughout your training cycle.

During Training


Without a doubt, the most researched supplement on the planet, I recommend a low dose to almost everybody I work with.

3-5g per day (no loading phase) or 0.3g /kg/bodyweight if you want a more personalised approach

Benefits include improved recovery, improved performance during high-intensity work, and enhanced muscle glycogen content.


Supplementing protein is an energy & time-efficient way of increasing protein intake over the day. It directly supports training adaptations, aiding recovery, maintaining lean muscle mass, and attenuating the effect of glycogen re-uptake after a workout (helping your muscle glycogen stores top themselves up quicker).

Best way to refuel afterward?

A mix of protein and carbohydrates that you enioy. Whilst you may have heard about the ‘golden hour’ or ‘anabolic window’ there is little evidence to suggest they matter provided you’re getting adequate energy and protein across the day.

I like a shake if I have a long way to travel home before eating, but it’s more for convenience. Easting a well-balanced meal within 2-3 hours is more than likely adequate to fuel your recovery.

I hope that now you’re armed with a little more knowledge about nutrition and the tools to go out and experiment. If you want to know more, get in touch!

Justin Reid-Simms is a Certified Nutritionist, Onetrack Running Coach & Personal Trainer. Want to work with Justin? Enquire and book a consultation here

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