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Meet the Runner: Trina

Welcome back to our Meet the Runner series! In this installation we’re catching up with Onetrack runner Trina, who has just become a run coach for 13-18-year-old girls with The Outrunners Charity in Hackney, where she hopes to use running to help girls chase their dreams. She’s also the Runsome Initiative’s Running Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

Tell us about your running journey in under 10 words.

All about the community work.

Do you remember your first Onetrack session?

Yes, I remember discovering sessions through Onetrack on Instagram. I was really excited – I'd never experienced anything like it before. Was buzzing after the first session and told all my running friends about it. I had a couple of friends join some sessions and they've enjoyed it too.

What's your favourite workout fuel?

Drink has to be orange Lucozade and I love Soreen loaf, but I struggle to eat after a run.

Do you have any pre- or post-run rituals?

Make sure I warm up properly. I learned to incorporate this better during lockdown. When I used to run in groups, you get carried away with the atmosphere and banter. I now do not care where I warm up; many times it's on the pavement near a main road. I used to be bothered about people looking at me, but now I just zone out.

What are your current running goals?

I recovered from a fifth metatarsal fracture from October 2020, so am just happy to be back running. For a long time I was only about 75% healed, so there was plenty of run/walk/run now and I am grateful to be where I am.

Current song that gets you hyped for a run?

I love anything upbeat and I will run, sing and smile all at the same time.

What are you looking forward to right now?

Hitting the trail.

Favourite bit of running gear?

My Aftershokz headphones go with me on every run to listen to my favourite podcast and music of course

What has been your favourite event and why?

I loved the Race to the stone 100km (in a week virtual event in July 2020). It was something I had never attempted before, I did it solo, and it included double run days.

Let’s end with a lightning round!

Short or long run? Long

Morning or evening run? Morning

Winter or summer runs? Autumn

HIIT sessions or fartleks? HIIT

Speed or distance? Before my injury, it was all about distance but I am looking forward to working on speed and focusing on 5k and 10ks.

Medals or milestones? Milestones. My mindset post-injury has completely changed and it has shifted from medals to giving back and helping my local community.

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