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Meet the Runner: Maria

With 12 marathons under her belt and too many half marathons to count, we talk to Maria, 61, about her why, misty December runs in Richmond Park, her running insecurities and whether she considers herself a runner.

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Age:61 Years Running:15 Max speed: 12 minutes/mile 5km time: 33 mins 10km time: 75 mins HM time: 2 hours 40 Marathon time: 5/6 hours No. Official races completed: 12 marathons so far, too many half’s to count Onetrack fit test score: No idea haven’t done it!

What you do for a living?

I’m a programme manager.

Why do you run?

To fundraise and support finding a cure for diabetes.

What got you started running?

I ran with friends for a bit but really started when we got diabetes in my family.

Do you have a running buddy?


Favourite time and place to run?

Early morning in Richmond Park, particularly in December when it’s misty!

Favourite distance?

Half marathon.

What does your training week look like?

Three runs, strength work, swimming and spin.

Ever experienced any insecurities about running?

All the time! I worry about getting injured.

What do you like about Onetrack and which sessions do you typically do?

One track is an inclusive club and I particularly like the Modified fartlek.

Do you do any other sport?

Not really.

Three unexpected things we should know about you?

Ive been married for 27 years. I have two adult children. I’m a member of a book group.

Would you label yourself a runner?

Yes, I didn't for a long time as I'm slow but I just accept that now.

Maria is running the London Marathon today so please join us in wishing her -- and all of our runners -- the best of luck today!

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