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10 Tips to Start Running

Whether you're completely new to running or you've been taking some time off from running, here are ten top expert tips we wish we knew before we started running.

1. Create a habit

Set yourself a timetable or commit to a time and a day to get out the door no matter what; it has to be a non-negotiable, a commitment to yourself; even if it’s once a week for a walk. Eventually that could turn into a run.

2. Find your purpose

Once you’ve created a foundation, think about your why. Do you want to be as healthy as you can be at 80 or do you want to set your sights on a race? Finding your purpose will help keep you motivated when the going gets tough.

3. Time on feet

Start keeping a diary, logging your steps or recording your runs so that you are realistic if you’re looking to increase your time on feet. Listen to your body as big increases without adequate recovery often lead to injury.

4. Have some options

On the days you’ve committed to moving, have A, B and C options where A may be the ideal session, but B and C factor in scenarios where you’re tired, travelling, the weather is not for you, or you’re overwhelmed with work.

5. It takes time

Whether you’re starting from scratch after time away or if you’re completely new, it will feel hard at first.It’s important to be patient. This is where your "why" comes in. Write it on cue cards around your home and if needed, your hand when you go out.

6. Make a date

Sign up to a race, whether a few weeks or a year from now. This will help keep your training on track: a little pressure to keep you focused and justify the commitment you’ve made. If you’re new to running and you’re still trying to find your love for it, consider raising money for charity.

7. Community is key

Support from others who share your outlook and goals can really help, especially if you can’t find that encouragement at home. If reaching out to a community feels daunting, see if you can get a friend on board and work together.

8. Not just running

This means cross-training. Whether it’s before you start or once you’ve built a habit, start layering in strength and mobility to support your time spent on feet. This will help you tolerate more miles and build more speed as you go.

10 Running tips to get started

9. Fuel your practise

Nutrition is one of the pillars of life, we cannot live without it and in order to perform at our best we need enough of it. Treating each run as part of a wider practise can take the pressure off the “workout” or “go hard or go home” mentality. Food also needs to be practised, to work out what works best for you.

10. Mind the data

Most of the platforms that collect your data are going to try and give recommendations based on trends and averages. Unfortunately the end result is that more is better and faster is fitter. Take everything witha pinch of salt; shorter, slower runs are not “unproductive”.

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