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5K Training Plan

  • 12Weeks
  • 174Steps


Welcome to your 12 week 5km programme. 5km is a great distance to work towards, whether this is the beginning of your running journey or a progression on your current running goals. It may even be the return to running for you after some time away. The 12 weeks are separated into 3 phases: 1. Build: learning about your paces and building your confidence.  2. Less recoveries: building your endurance from Phase 1.  3. Endurance = longer reps of work, starting to put together the pieces you've built in your fitness for your 5km run. The plan provides a mixture of easy runs and intervals to encourage different cadences within your training (along with mixing up your week and having fun out there). Strength and mobility workouts are also included to ensure you are maintaining a strong body, while increasing your running fitness.  Drills and Warm up exercises have been included to ensure you consistently set yourself up in the right way before every running session you complete. We highly advise (even if time is short) to always include this before every workout.  TOP TIP: It's best if you aim to start your plan on a Monday so that your longs runs take place on a Sunday.


2 Plans Available, From £25.00/month

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