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Michelle Kwok on why the shorter distances are equally fun

Michelle Kwok Onetrack Run Club Track Captain

What should we know about you? I've been running on and off for more than ten years, going through different phases. I had a ultra/trail running era in Hong Kong, then lots of road running, and recently have been training for shorter distances. What are your top three interests outside of sport? Swimming outdoors

Good coffee

Collecting Sneakers We’re so happy you’re a team captain, tell us a bit more about that and what we can expect. Hoping to convince people you don't necessarily have to go longer as your next step. The shorter distances are equally fun and rewarding! How did you find out about Onetrack and what keeps you coming back? I was looking for a running club when I first moved to London and came across Onetrack online. The awesome community keeps me coming. And the fancy Chelsea track. The unofficial slogan “not a real runner” comes from experiences of overhearing people using this to negatively talk about others or mostly themselves. What do you think a real runner is and do you consider yourself one? Anyone who makes time for running in their lives. Three things that motivate you to move. Seeing new places on foot, food and friends.

Favourite memory that involves running. The palace run in Tokyo - best city run in the world. Do you have a favourite running playlist and would you be happy to share it with us? I don't run with music :)

Michelle is the Captain of the Onetrack Track team. To join the WhatsApp Group and stay on top of races and meet-ups, email and the link to join will be shared with you.

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