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Run to the Hills: Ten Inspiring Trail Runners to Follow

Mountain for trail runners

Trail running is an exhilarating and challenging sport that combines the love of running with the beauty of nature. Whether you're looking for motivation, training tips, or stunning trail photos, these ten trail runners on Instagram are sure to inspire you.

  1. Courtney Dauwalter (@courtneydauwalter)

  • Bio: Ultra-trail runner known for her incredible endurance and positive attitude.

  • Why Follow: Courtney's feed is filled with race recaps, training insights, and a contagious passion for trail running. Her achievements in ultra-marathons are awe-inspiring.

  1. Kilian Jornet (@kilianjornet)

  • Bio: Legendary mountain athlete and trail runner with multiple world records.

  • Why Follow: Kilian's posts feature breathtaking mountain landscapes, extreme training sessions, and his adventures across the globe. His dedication to the sport is unparalleled.

  1. Emelie Forsberg (@tinaemelie)

  • Bio: Professional trail runner, skier, and lover of the mountains.

  • Why Follow: Emelie shares her life balancing running and motherhood, offering a blend of personal stories, training tips, and stunning trail photos.

  1. Sage Canaday (@sagecanaday)

  • Bio: Elite ultra-trail runner, coach, and YouTube content creator.

  • Why Follow: Sage's Instagram is packed with training advice, race strategies, and motivational posts. He also shares vlogs and detailed race experiences.

  1. Ragna Debats (@ragnadebats)

  • Bio: World champion trail runner and sky runner.

  • Why Follow: Ragna's account features her competitive spirit, beautiful trail locations, and behind-the-scenes looks at her training and racing life.

  1. Magdalena Boulet (@runboulet)

  • Bio: Olympian, ultra-runner, and VP of Research and Innovation at GU Energy Labs.

  • Why Follow: Magdalena offers a mix of professional insights, nutrition tips, and her journey in trail running. Her posts are both educational and inspiring.

  1. Timothy Olson (@timothyallenolson)

  • Bio: Ultra-runner, mindfulness coach, and record holder of the Western States 100.

  • Why Follow: Timothy's feed is filled with serene trail scenes, mindfulness practices, and his adventures running across stunning terrains.

  1. Lucy Bartholomew (@lucy_bartholomew)

  • Bio: Young ultra-trail runner with a passion for adventure and healthy living.

  • Why Follow: Lucy shares her enthusiasm for trail running, healthy recipes, and travel adventures. Her vibrant personality shines through every post.

  1. Hayden Hawks (@hawks_hayden)

  • Bio: Professional trail runner and coach known for his speed and determination.

  • Why Follow: Hayden's Instagram is a mix of training highlights, race reports, and personal stories, all set against the backdrop of scenic trail runs.

  1. Camille Herron (@runcamille)

  • Bio: World-record-holding ultra-runner with a love for beer and bacon.

  • Why Follow: Camille combines humor, expertise, and impressive achievements in her posts. Her unique approach to training and life is both refreshing and motivational.

These trail runners not only excel in their sport but also share their journeys in a way that motivates and educates their followers. From elite athletes to passionate adventurers, their Instagram accounts are a treasure trove of inspiration for anyone interested in trail running.

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