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Meet the Runner: Sandra

With countless races under her belt and powered by porridge with peanut butter, care home support worker, Sandra, started off running for weight loss but soon realised it did so much more.

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Age: 30 Years Running: If not taking into consideration that I run away from my problems, probably 6 :D Max speed: No idea 5km time: 21:02 10km time: 47:33 HM time: 1:42:49 Marathon time: 3:44:24 No. Official races completed: Lost count Best Onetrack fit test score: Never done one

What do you do for a living?

I work part-time as a support worker in a care home and I'm doing a full-time master's programme.

Why do you run?

In short, because I can. I'm ever so grateful for my able body. Running gives me a sense of freedom and empowerment.

What got you started running?

I got into running in my teenage years when I wanted to lose weight. In 2015, I was wrestling with depression and I returned to running. I did my first ever half-marathon training programme. I still remember it so clearly when I ran the distance, something really clicked and I realised I can do things that I thought I couldn't ever do.

Do you have a running buddy?

I usually run alone, sometimes with some club members.

Favourite time and place to run?

Early mornings at Stokes Park (which is local to me in Bristol).

Favourite distance?

To race? Perhaps a marathon distance. It's long enough but not too long and usually, the training volume suits me too. I generally like ultras and trail running. Anything further than a marathon gets my interest.

What does your training week look like?

At the moment, I run 4-5 times per week, which takes me up to 50-60km. I have two main runs I do every week - a fartlek session on Wednesday mornings and a long run on the weekends. The rest of the runs are adapted in regards to my other priorities. I do regular strength training as well, usually once a week. Sometimes, I manage to squeeze in a quick core session or a vinyasa flow. It really depends - weeks can be so different!

Ever experienced any insecurities about running?

I used to have loads of insecurities about my body and how it looks, but I think I have made amends with it.

What do you like about Onetrack and which sessions do you typically do?

It's easily accessible - I can do it from anywhere and put in as much effort I can that day. I also like the variety of workouts, timings and possibility to do pre-recorded workouts. I usually do fartlek and strength training.

Do you do any other sport?

Not so regularly but I cycle commute and occasionally do yoga and bouldering.

Three unexpected things we should know about you?

I like being creative - painting, writing, theatre. I came to the UK in 2010 to study and I have stayed here ever since. The best breakfast is porridge with peanut butter.

Would you label yourself a runner?


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