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How Ben Stroud gets a kick out of running

Onetrack Run Club Team Captain

What should we know about you? I’m not the most co ordinated person in the world when it comes to ball sports so running was the obvious choice! What are your top three interests outside of sport? Motorsport (watching and taking part) Playing my guitar Travelling We’re so happy you’re a team captain, tell us a bit more about that and what we can expect. I’ve always enjoyed running and get a kick out of other people doing the same. My plan is to give 5k/10k runners a forum where they can come together - share experiences, support each other and hopefully meet for a run occasionally How did you find out about Onetrack and what keeps you coming back? Fletch ran a treadmill class at my local gym and I got into the Duke of York interval sessions through this. I keep coming back because the sessions are brilliant and Fletch’s energy is infectious! The unofficial slogan “not a real runner” comes from experiences of overhearing people using this to negatively talk about others or mostly themselves. What do you think a real runner is and do you consider yourself one? For me it’s simple - a runner is someone who gets a kick out of lacing up their trainers and moving. Guess that makes me a runner! Three things that motivate you to move. Wanting to be close to nature How good I feel once done How much I enjoy my food afterwards!

Favourite memory that involves running. I love trail running and anything to do with mountains. Favourite has to be jogging / walking up Mount Etna. Spectacular! Do you have a favourite running playlist and would you be happy to share it with us? Sorry to be a spoil sport but I very rarely listen to music when running. It’s one of the rare times I get some silence. I like to completely blank my mind.

Ben is the Captain of the Onetrack 5k & 10k team. To join the WhatsApp Group and stay on top of races and meet-ups, email and the link to join will be shared with you.

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