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Beats Per Minute: Here are 5 Running Songs for Heart & Soul

We asked Sandy Marris, Head of Artist Development and Artist Manager at One House Artists, for his top five tracks you need to add to your running playlist.

A DJ playing running songs on a track for runners

For as long as humans have been on the planet, we've been making rhythmic noises: first just with our voices and then with instruments to accompany them and create more complex sounds. Every culture that has emerged in the course of human history has felt compelled to fashion its own unique refrain. It’s no exaggeration to say that music is in our DNA. 

To see how primal it is, put a good beat on and watch a toddler naturally start to bop and bust some shapes. That instinctive response to a rhythmic bass line seems to be hard wired into us. 

Song is the art of storytelling, and at Onetrack we feel that there’s no better story than the story the human body has to tell about its amazing complexity and all that it can achieve. That’s why music is so important to us. It plays a vital part in passing on our knowledge of what the body can do and inspiring you to discover what it’s capable of yourself. 

Music can change your entire mood, causing you to be joyful or sad, silent or raucous, perfectly still or dynamically alive. Music is (e)motion!

Cole Pulice - If I Don’t See You In The Future I’ll See You In the Pasture (Long Form Editions) 

No other piece of music had such a great impact on me last year. It’s at once desperately sad and deeply restorative. Apparently it was performed for the first time live in response to the grief they were going through. I find songs like this wildly inspiring, and nothing is better than being on a run or out and about listening to its majesty. 

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Surusinghe - Bop (AD 93) 

A bop for the brain and body. Perfect for getting pumped for those high-intensity moments. Suze is someone I am very proud to say that I work with. She’s got a killer ear for a tune and only just warming up. 

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Chinatown Trouble - Jianbo (Jianbo) 

Cool AF this one. Chinese-Vietnamese-British rapper Jianbo’s song has got the sonic quality of a moody film noir yet with a modern London edge. Any music that makes me feel like a badass helps with the motivation in those hard yards. 

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Condition The World Is In - Religious Souls (Re-released on Luaka Bop) 

This from a compilation called The Time For Now Is Peace - a collection of Gospel tracks from the 70s all of which I’d recommend. It is easily the most played thing I listen to when on runs - there is something so powerful and healing about it. Perfect for digging deep. 

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Somebody - a.s.o. (Low Lying Records) 

This is the closer on a.s.o.’s stunning debut album from the duo based in Berlin, who are bringing their slant on a classic trip-hop sound. I find music like this perfect for zoning in or zoning out on runs, depending on what I need that day - there is something so transportive about it. This is the band I’m most excited about for 2024.

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