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Onetrack Gym Farnham

Onetrack is a boutique gym in Central Farnham that provides personal training, run coaching, biomechanics assessments and lactate testing to take your health and fitness to the next level. Our Farnham gym has been featured in the Sunday Times Style, Evening Standard, Metro, Vogue & many more national titles. Book in for your free introductory Farnham gym session now and realise your potential.

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Farnham Gym Services

Biomechanics Assessment

Like a full body MOT, a biomechanics assessment examines your body's abilities to function to understand how to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Lactate Test


Understand your unique physiology by defining bespoke heart-rate training zones with a lactate test. This help ensure you're getting the most out of each workout.

Personal Training

Once we've identified your goal and timeframe, we'll design sessions that could include strength, cardio, mobility or a combination of all three to get you moving better, fitter, faster and stronger.