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Performance Lab

Our state-of-the-art performance lab services are designed exclusively for runners seeking the pinnacle of excellence. At Onetrack Club, we are not just measuring data; we are designing a bespoke roadmap for your performance journey. Step into the lab, and let's elevate your running game. Your stride, your pace, our science. 

Onetrack Club members can access Bespoke Services at reduced rates.

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Lactate Test

A lactate test, also known as lactate profiling or lactate threshold profiling, is deemed to be the most consistent physiological assessment for predicting endurance performance. A lactate blood test provides an accurate insight into your current physiology and can therefore define your specific training zones to guide your training and improve your performance.

  • 1 hr

    150 British pounds

Biomechanics Assessment

 A Biomechanics Assessment examines the major muscles, nerves and individual bone structures, such as the pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees and feet, that evidence has shown cause abnormal function. Examining your Intrinsic Biomechanics, we can assess potential risk of injury and performance limiters such as muscles not working properly or working too hard.

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