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Beginner Marathon Plan

  • 16Weeks
  • 243Steps


Before beginning, if you are able to run a 10km comfortably this will start you off in a very good place ahead of this 16 week training programme. 4 Phases of work will be covered within this marathon cycle. Every 4 weeks there will be a deload week planned in to allow your body to adapt the hard mileage and fitness you are building. There will be 2 Strength Workouts covered across the 16weeks. Progression will be seen from Phase 2 & 4, repeating Phase 1 strength workout again in Phase 3 to observe how your strength has developed throughout this plan. So are you ready? Let's get to work. The 16 weeks have been separated into 4 phases: 1. Building your base 2. Building confidence & paces 3. Endurance (this is where the longer miles will start to take place) 4. Taper There is a mixture of work and education on different running workouts to support you towards the goal you are setting yourself to achieve. Mentally and physically learning about your body throughout this incredible running journey you have set for yourself.  Drills and Warm up exercises have been included to ensure you consistently set yourself up in the right way before every running session you complete. TOP TIP: It's best if you aim to start your plan on a Monday so that your longs runs take place on a Sunday.


2 Plans Available, From £25.00/month

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