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One Runner’s Quest for the Best Marathon Running Shorts

Updated: Mar 7

Your search for the perfect marathon running shorts stops right here – and you won’t believe where they’re from.

Best marathon running shorts

In the ever-evolving landscape of athletic apparel, the pursuit of perfection often leads athletes down a path adorned with price tags that reflect prestige rather than performance. However, the discerning runner may find that the pinnacle of marathon running shorts lies not in the realm of luxury brands, but rather in the unassuming domain of affordability.

The journey begins with a revelation. It is a revelation born not from opulent showrooms or glossy marketing campaigns, but from the discovery of a pair of running shorts that defies expectations. 

The road to this discovery involved brief flings with brands synonymous with style: shorts that professional athletes wear (too short), shorts that cool people in California wear (surprisingly scratchy), shorts from fashionable mid-market brands (no pockets), and countless designs that feature a phone pocket but that do not stay up – and even more catastrophic – do not fit a Pro Max (life is brutal). 

The running shorts responsible for such an epiphany were discovered in the modest aisles of Decathlon.

Decathlon Kiprun Marathon Running Shorts

All-black, with in-built, silky cycling shorts that do not ride up (hurrah, no chaff!), a pocket fit for a Pro (big tick), a handy, hidden drawstring to tighten just in case, and an ingenious, wrap-around net-pocket-feature with multiple compartments that can hold countless gels, keys and probably a small hamster. Note: there is a more discreet pocket for smaller phones on the inner cycling shorts (for those who do not wish to resemble a telly-tubby like a person with a Pro).

Bar a small reflective strip and the name KIPRUN, these black shorts are a game-changer for long-distance runners. They prove that style need not come at a premium – that true beauty lies in comfort and functionality.

In a world where luxury often reigns supreme, these affordable marathon running shorts serve as a beacon of hope – a reminder that excellence is within reach for all who dare to seek it. And in their humble embrace, the discerning runner will discover a truth that transcends cost – that sometimes, the most surprising revelations are found in the unlikeliest of places: even Decathlon.

Decathlon Kiprun marathon running shorts in black

Women's KIPRUN Run 900 Ultra 2-in-1 long-distance running shorts in black, £34.99. Visit

KIPRUN Men's Marathon Running Shorts with Carry Pockets in Black, reduced from £29.99 to £14.99 at time of publishing. Visit

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