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Natalie Macaluso on cultivating a positive mindset and always finishing smiling

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Onetrack Run Club Half Marathon and Marathon Team Captain Natalie Macaluso

What should we know about you? When I stopped to think about it, I have actually been running for over 10 years but the past 3 have been radically different. I went from ‘Why would anyone ever want to run a marathon’ to ‘What if I could?’ and then... I am often the fool running with a big grin on my face and that remains an important part of how I approach races, I always want to finish smiling. What are your top three interests outside of sport? Formula 1

Travel and food (shhh it’s not two because I will plan travel around food!)

The arts, particularly theatre and all things live. We’re so happy you’re a team captain, tell us a bit more about that and what we can expect. No one can run a race for you, but it sure helps having a strong support team to get you there and that’s what I want us to create. I want to help people stretch themselves with their goals, find the fun in the process, celebrate achievements and be there when things don’t go to plan. It happens, but it’s all about the bounce back. Mindset is especially important when it comes to the longer distances and I love helping people to cultivate that positive narrative to power them through. Oh, and in person long runs! (Obviously with snacks).

How did you find out about Onetrack and what keeps you coming back? One of my best friends suggested I try it in the first lockdown as all the gyms were closed and I was having major withdrawals from my in-person fitness community. It almost sounded like an underground movement back then…I think the virtual runs saved my sanity through that time. Who knew the value of having someone say hello to you in your ear and knowing that other people were all out running at the same time? Onetrack hasn’t just created a way for me to be consistent, but taught me so much about running, how to take care of myself and I have made some wonderful friends a long the way. I’m always so excited to tell people about it / lovingly make them download the app so they can join too.

The unofficial slogan “not a real runner” comes from experiences of overhearing people using this to negatively talk about others or mostly themselves. What do you think a real runner is and do you consider yourself one? If you step outside the door and run, you’re a runner, it’s that simple. I guess that makes me a runner!

Three things that motivate you to move. The rush of endorphins that come with it (you never regret a run)

The pleasure of being outdoors, covering ground and seeing the physical progress that can be made

My unconditional love of crisps

Favourite memory that involves running. There is a bit of a thread. I remember my first 10k which wasn’t that long ago actually, within lockdown. It was on a virtual run with Fletch and I looked at my watch and suddenly, oh, did that just happen? It went from a big thing, to something that I was doing quite regularly. Cut to turning into Parliament Square at my first London Marathon: having worked so hard at my pacing as the miles went by, knowing that I had reserves in my legs, turning on the burners and being able to blast it with all I had to the finish line. Threading together every step of progress, is a happy memory.

Do you have a favourite running playlist and would you be happy to share it with us? For sure! It is very eclectic but I created it for my second marathon and it got me through some tough moments. I have been known to pause a run in favour of dancing in the street to whatever comes on the airwaves - a real dancing runner!

Natalie is the Captain of the Onetrack Half Marathon & Marathon team. To join the WhatsApp Group and stay on top of races and meet-ups, email and the link to join will be shared with you.

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