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Good Running News & Articles You Might Have Missed Recently

A round-up of recent running news and articles about running that you might have missed and are definitely worth your time.

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As humans prepare to return to the moon after an absence of more than half a century, researchers have hit on a radical approach to keeping astronauts fit as they potter around the ball of rock.

By Ian Sample for The Guardian, Read more here.

Run clubs are now everywhere, with record numbers of young people taking to the streets – but what’s behind the sudden uptick? It’s a Saturday morning. I’m walking through London’s Victoria Park, enjoying a pastry. I’m hungover, I’m breathing in the crisp winter air, my life is a movie. 

By Ben Freeman for Dazed Digital. Read more here.

Parkrun, a free Saturday morning 5km run popular in Britain, attracts certain types. There are the parents blasting out nursery rhymes from their running buggies. There are the walkers who finish after me but with more of their dignity intact. There are the sprinters with T-shirts boasting “MUD BRUTE RUN 2017”. And there is me, red-faced, pondering the economics.

By Soumaya Keynes for the FT. Read more here.

Personality tests tend to be the domain of workplace strategy sessions or sheer entertainment — for instance, which Hogwarts house you'd be sorted into, or which Friends character you most emulate — but new research in the journal PLOS ONE suggests personality types could relate to running style, too.

By Elizabeth Millard for Runner's World. Read more here.

Ahead of her superb performance at Mt. Fuji 100, Courtney Dauwalter had spoken about the race providing the opportunity to find out what she’d learned in the six years since she’d last run in the Japanese event.

By Jonathan Turner for Run247. Read more here.

An ex-inmate who has turned running into his passion has now started a club that is helping hundreds of other people. Hermen Dange, founded the Manchester running club Made Running, where 5km (3.1 miles) runs take place every Saturday at 09:00 and Wednesday at 05:00 in Salford.

By Jasmin Dufraisse for BBC News. Watch here.

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