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Onetrack Club Running Events


Upcoming race places, events and challenges from our extended community.

Soar Fleet and Free Event.jpg

SOAR:Fleet and Free

23 - 29 May 

We’ve planned a week long celebration to mark the 70th Anniversary of Diane Leather’s ground breaking sub 5 minute mile. On 29th May 1954 Diane Leather was the first woman to break the 5 minute mile barrier, only 23 days after Roger Bannister’s legendary sub 4.


Running history has often favoured the fastest times over women’s times, and in this 70th anniversary year, we are shining a light on the achievements of women. Join us in running 1 mile of your own - sharing the story of an unsung hero and drawing attention to women’s racing in its own right - as you do so.

Manta Ray Trust.png

Cross the Oceans

June 2024

Cross the Oceans is a team fitness challenge to raise funds for manta rays. Join us in reaching our target so we can protect these charismatic species!

As this is a virtual challenge, you can take part from anywhere in the world. To join, you need to commit to a distance to complete over the month that will challenge you, in any discipline that works for you, or even a mix of disciplines. These could include running, swimming and cycling, but also adaptive sports, walking, kayaking, paddleboarding, roller skating, and more…

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